surf.gif (13355 bytes)An Introduction To Serenity Law Office

Serenity Law Office was established on April 1, 1985, consisting of some Christian Lawyers. The senior partner Joyce H. Y. Jen was graduated from National Taiwan University Law School, the best law school in Taiwan, with the degree of LL.B. and LL.M.. She also ever studied in the Law School of University College London, Great Britain, and University of Wisconsin, U.S.A..

We provide practices in some major areas of law including Commercial Law, Business Law and Corporate transactions, Construction and Public Contracts Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, etc. Our law firm is retained by many corporations as their legal consultant, and regularly represents clients in handling diverse civil litigation.

Because all attorney in our law firm are Christians, we tender the service based on Bible teaching, that is, to strive for truth, justice, honesty and equity. That makes the service and professional practice of our firm exceedingly trust-worthy.

For enhancing our service to clients involving in high technology, we have a consultant specializing in semiconductor processing, PH.D. of Stanford University and also an Attorney admitted to American Bar Association in Wisconsin, U.S.A..

We constantly improve the quality and efficiency of legal services with soft and hard ware, nevertheless, we still provide our service to clients at a reasonable charge. Unlike most other law firms, our firm is not profit-oriented nor profit-generated, therefore we would not set the charge rate in a high standard so that it becomes unavailable to most people in need.

We believe all clients who engage our firm can benefit from the abilities of all our attorneys as well as legal clerks and paralegals.

Recently, Joyce Jen has been selected and appointed by the Judicial Yuan as a Notary Public to handle the notarization and authentication matters. She is the sole Notary Public qualified to certify English documents in the vicinity of Tao-Yuan, Hsin-Chu and Miao-Li.